The New Face of Music
written by Lorou the owl

It is impossible to escape this 23-year-old British singer! Born in Lebanon, Beirut in 1983, his family left his country because of the Gulf War. He is a talented, young and handsome man with lots of hair! Some would say he looks like a degenerate dandy! Mika describes his songs like a mixture between Beck, Queen and Elton John. For this singer, music is another type of escape..His inspirations come from the Bee Gees and a lot of British bands. We can listen to the result on his new opus, the name of which is “Life in carton motion”. This album is an essential for your record library! His voice sounds like his idol Freddie Mercury with a bit of George Michael.

There is no doubt that you will love him ! If I were you, I would look for his album immediately.