Mark Jacobs
Written by: Bibo

The famous and talented designer Marc Jacobs has created, for his collection spring-summer 2007 and for our pleasure, new pieces, which are always more and more spectacular every season.

56 models walked in a Paris salon with multicolored clothes, and all kinds of hats and shorts. Marc Jacobs showed us satin and jersey dresses, tunics over slim pants, and skirts. They were the basics of the designer. It was in fact a collection based on the seventies. "I wanted something narrower", said the designer describing the new silhouette for the show.

The models came covered with the new creations for the show. Marc Jacobs explains that the collection is a reflection of what's going on with him personally.

Author introduction
I am 15 years old. To introduce myself, I’m a girl and I enjoy listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. I am also fond of reading and shopping. I wrote a press article about fashion and I hope you will find it interesting and entertaining. I have chosen to speak about the designer Marc Jacobs because I love his creations and because I respect his talent and his work.

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