written by: Ybée

Because Michael Jackson is the only star to have made 52 million record sales (of “Thriller”)... because he is the one who touched us so deeply, with his magical voice, and his fragile personality... because he is considered by many to be the best dancer and the best singer in the world... because he is a really generous man, who always thought and still thinks of the poor people in the world... and because he represents all that we feel, I believe he is the king of pop.

Some know more about Michael Jackson's next album. The famous music magazine Rolling Stone proposes on page 19, in its 1019th publication, an article about the collaboration between Michael Jackson and Will.i.am together, they recorded 8 songs. One of them is entitled “I' m Dreamin'” (“I dream”).

Just imagine the impact of a Michael Jackson come-back, 15 years after his last show. I’ve never seen my favourite star because I am too young! But I have always known that he was not over. “We are waiting for you, and we love you Michael”.

About the author
I am Ybée. I am 15 years old, and I live in Paris. I am a girl. I love literature, reading and writing. I would like to learn many other languages. I love Music which is my passion, and I play the piano. I am a fan of Michael Jackson, and if you admire the King too, you will find all the information about his COME – BACK right here!!