War in Iraq: America`s Challenge
by: Chameleon


Today there are a lot of talks about how America is rethinking its situation in Iraq and how to get out of this war . 2/3 of the American population have said that they disagree with the war, and believe that it should end. American experts have said that if “America is not winning, that means we are losing.” Today there are 144,000 troops in Iraq, but President Bush announced that 60,000 troops more would be sent to Iraq .

There were reasons for the war in Iraq ?

~to prevent the maintenance of the province of Qnbar ,
province of Al Quaeda
~to ensure and protect some areas.

American experts said that this would be possible only if Iraq helps the American troops, but the population of Iraq might disagree. Only time will tell us how the situation will change.

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this article was written by Chameleon.