The Birth of a Quieter and Environment Friendly Plane

Many people are flying every day, so the greenhouse gas emissions are increasing. A team of researchers in Britain and the US have designed a new aircraft which could decrease pollution caused by that type of transport.

The team has succeeded in making a quieter plane that is also 35% more fuel-efficient than any other aircraft.
However, designing such a revolutionary prototype is expensive and risky, and aircraft manufacturers are not ready to make such an important investment.
Therefore, the SAX-40 will not necessarily be built .
Yet with increasing concern over global warming and climate, they might change their mind and we could see a radical change in aicraft design.
We must be patient, because this plane will not take-off before 2030 !

Besides, I think that governments should play a more active role by giving funds to make this kind of research happen.

Written by Lord of the time and Scoob
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