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Vista is the new software from windows. People have been waiting for this new software because it will revolutionize the computer world with all its new applications.

Vista is totally different from the old versions of windows like Windows 95, 98, 2000, or XP. All these old versions were based on the same source: DOS, the first software created by Bill Gates and used on the first IBM computer.

During that time, many bugs happened. But now, with Vista, there will be fewer bugs because Vista is not based on DOS. Vista includes many different and new applications. The aero system allows a better circulation between all the windows. Besides, the new software will increase the processor speed. This new technology is very interesting, but it is also very expensive. People who want to have the new software have to change their computer and buy 64 bits (the new generation). They are more expensive and you have to add software like Vista, and Open office …

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