Planet in Danger!
by plumi

For a few years, the climate of the blue planet has been changing. Water is getting warmer and warmer and some species are disappearing: polar bears, lions, fish…
The level of the water is becoming higher and higher, and the population is getting more and more numerous.

Global warming is believed to be the cause of several disasters. Man is responsible because much of the air pollution (cars, chemical industry, smog firms and factory…) is human pollution. The ozone layer is in danger because of us. The people who recycle are in minority.
Some would say we are too selfish; why are we driving our car instead of using our bicycle? Why are we using the light when we do not need it?

If nobody changes his or her behavior, the blue planet will be in danger.
China said that wealthier, developed countries must reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The economy is a more important cause than the wasting of water.

We have to be aware of our impact on nature, on the planet, and on the future generations, because the situation is getting worse and worse.
It is time for us to react !

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