2007: A Catastrophic Season!
written by Nananas and Beatrice

After a good beginning in this football season, the Bayern Munchen is in a free-fall !

First there was a victory (Bielefeld 0:1), but the hope was followed by big losses. They lost against the Aix-la-Chapelle team and came in 4Th place. A result which is not satisfactory for Ottmar Hitzfeld’s players.
But was the match versus Real Madrid the beginning of a recovery?

During the match against Real Madrid, there was a little problem. The professional footballer Van Bommel made a gesture to the public when a Spanish supporter deflected the goal from their team. For this act, Van Bommel had to pay a fine of 6,200 euros because the jury thought that in such a tournament, the players have to show fair-play.

Fabio Capello declared at the pre-match conference that the best defense was the attack. In spite of that, they came to the Quarter finals. The Germans surprised the Spanish team and scored a goal (1:0). The second try was made in the 66th minute by Lucio. A penalty was granted. Then, because of the blocking of Van Bommel, the Spanish Diarra Real Madrid succeeded in getting the last goal of the match. Great !!!!