by Valen the lentil

Today, child soldiers can become stars...

Child warriors who are African orphans and are often drug addicts, are considered a real phenomenon in Europe.

Since our society has not known war for almost 50 years, we can remember our past through their situation. However, these children should not be considered circus animals just because they inspire pity and fear. For example, when these children of war go to Great Britain, they are exposed to the media .

When a child has known such hard times, he can find it difficult to begin a new life in a different country and find it hard to forget about the past.

When these children come into a western society, they are considered as heroes but is it really the best solution for their new life ?

Child warriors have great difficulty rebuilding their lives again especially when everyone makes them live in the past. We cannot continue to expose their lives like this.

We have to act to help them.

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