Bush and Immigration Reform

Wednesday 14 th march
By Chameleon

George W. Bush has finished his tour in Latin America and promises to reform immigration laws.

He made this promise to the Mexican president Felipe Calderon when Bush was speaking about a 700 mile wall on the border .
Immigration was the subject of the meeting between George W. Bush and Oscar Berger, the president of Guatemala .

• President Bush agreed to help immigrants but he added that the 11 million immigrants already in the USA was an issue which had to be resolved by the congress. President George W Bush spoke at Hacienda Xcanatun in Mexico where he made the promise to Felipe Calderon, the Mexican president .

•Democrats ( who have disagreed with the president on many issues ) are now open to any suggestions from the president about immigration. Some say that President Bush is trying to compromise because he feels that his position as a leader is often criticized and threatened.

Democrats added that the reform ideas about Colombia, in particular, must be changed or they will not approve the propositions made by President Bush. It is extremely important to note that Democrats are the majority in the Congress .

•In Columbia Bush was not welcome. There were people protesting.
We will see what will happen.

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