Living in France
by Lucy

Do you know that the famous Hotel Georges V. is owned by a Saudi Arabian, the Prince Al-Walid ben Tabal Ibn Saoud ? Or that the Egyptian Mohamed Al-Fayed owns the Ritz ?
More and more foreign estate investors do shopping in France. 75 % of the investors in hotel businesses are from a foreign country.

Indeed, France really attracts people because of the sun, the beautiful stones and the low prices. British people for example own half a million of houses in France. They own so much in Dordogne that it is sometimes called the Dordogneshire.
Mick Jagger launched the fashion 25 years ago when he bought a pretty and nice castle in Touraine. A British newspaper has even made an aticle to advise British people on this point .

But the newest shoppers are Russian. In 4 years, 238 million Euros were invested by the Russians in luxury real estate.
Then what is the matter? You could you say.
Many make reference to the Corsicans and Bretons because they are not keen on seeing foreigners “invade” their land, and sometimes there are clashes.

And now, there are some people helping these foreigners : they offer their services for the British people who want to buy in France.

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