The Future is Red: English Red Pillar Boxes

Where did they come from?

They were created in 1853, 13 years after the foundation of the penny post.
The Royal Mail red pillar box is one of the most familiar items of British street furniture. Its inventor is an English novelist Anthony Trollope, who worked for the postal service in both Britain and Ireland for 30 years.

Pillar boxes always wear the monogram of the English kingdom, and one of the examples are the initials V.R., for Queen Victoria.
Their designs have changed a lot and a study of the part they play in the national postal system can be surprising and fascinating.

English Heritage and Royal Mail promised to preserve 85,000 of England's remaining pillar boxes, describing them as "national icons". They are wonderful things, regarded with great affection.

English Heritage's chief executive, Sir Neil Cossons, said the day before, "They have every quality of good design."

It is true !

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